The Coalition: In The News 

Take back the river. Join our coalition. Explore your watershed.

The Coalition: Our Goals

  • Develop safe, convenient access to the river and to the parks along the river.

  • Strengthen and connect neighborhoods and communities along the river.

  • Address pollution and produce clean water, healthy plants and good habitat for birds, fish and animals.  

  • Create learning opportunities and develop community stewards to care for the river.

  • Create contiguous, multi-use trails along the river and its tributaries.

  • Celebrate the riverʼs history and evolving uses.

Towns, organizations, and people are working together to improve the West River, its watershed, and its tributaries.

The Coalition: Leadership & Committees


Stephanie Ciarleglio, Frank Deleo, Kathy Fay, Stephanie FitzGerald, Anna Marshall, Mary Mushinsky, Linda Green, Martha Smith, Chris Malik


Tom Lehtonen, Philip Arnold, Frank Cochran, Frank DeLeo, Lizzy Donius, Kathie Hebert

Learn more about what we've done together so far. 

The Coalition: History & Accomplishments

We started with a walk along the river. We've been working together ever since.
Coalition members and members of Common Ground's West River Stewards sign onto the Watershed Management Plan. Photo Credit: Common Ground.
We've gotten organized to realize our goals for the river. 

Who Are We?

We are a diverse group of stakeholders from all across the watershed

Members of the West River Watershed Coalition celebrate the publication of the Watershed Plan.

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Photo Credit: Stephanie Ciarleglio